A small town handyman is shocked when he's asked by aliens to repair their damaged spacecraft. After fixing the wondrous ship, Andy Robinson learns their mission to the planet actually entails the total destruction of the Earth. You know, to keep the peace. Oh, and the alien captain kidnaps his family to display in their zoo. With time running out, Andy must use his limited handyman talents to not only save his family, but the entire world.
EJ Altbacker is an Emmy nominated screenwriter who has written for such shows as Spooksville, Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Ben 10, Spider-Man and others. He currently writes for Lego Nexo Knights and the upcoming Justice League Action among other 'super secret stuff' he can't tell you about yet. Handy Andy Saves the World follows EJ's popular six-book kids adventure series, Shark Wars.

EJ lives in Hermosa Beach, California. He holds an MFA in screenwriting from the American Film Institute and an undergraduate degree from the University of Notre Dame. 

Shafts of moonlight lanced through the trees, eerily brightening the way. Andy snapped a dry twig and jumped like a scared cat, arms and legs flailing. Cursing under his breath, he got control of himself and continued deeper into the woods. There was a soft glow coming from behind the next rise. Andy got down on his hands and knees and crawled to the crest of the hill. He peered over the ridge and saw. . .

A spaceship.

An honest-to-goodness, otherworldly, spaceship. The crash had caused it to dig a furrow a hundred feet wide for several hundred yards. Scales on the ship’s hull rippled up and down in patches, as if the entire craft were a living thing, wounded and panting on the ground. 

“No way,” Andy whispered.

He let out a barking laugh, immediately covering his mouth to silence himself. He could not believe—accept—what was in front of him was actually real. He needed to be sure. Cautiously, Andy moved through the torn earth toward the ship. The ground was hot, steaming in a few places. A couple of shrubs were on fire.

Finally he was within arm’s distance from it. Andy extended a trembling hand to touch the hull. When he did, the scales closest to his fingers moved and changed color, clicking softly as this domino effect continued down the ship’s hull. Andy pulled his arm away, grinning.

This is a professional book on every level. Altbacker, who has a traditionally-published children’s series under his belt, and also writes for the Lego franchise, is a highly-engaging and funny writerHandy Andy is a breezy, entertaining read filled with humor that will have you literally laughing out loud – kids and adults alike...It’s plainly a fun read, and kids will breeze through it. It’s pretty much guaranteed entertainment, and you really can’t say that about most books. ~ Henry Baum, Self-PublishingReview.com

Altbacker does an excellent job of creating a distinctive and convincing alien culture, which leads to an interesting cultural clash and humorous miscommunications between the humans and aliens. Altbacker is a seasoned screenwriter, which is apparent from the book’s hilarious dialogue and word-play. Handy Andy Saves the World makes for an enjoyable read, especially for YA readers. ~ Red City Review

Handy Andy Saves the World is an exciting read for teenagers and children. Indie Reader Approved. ~ IndieReader

Handy Andy Saves the World is classic EJ Altbacker – an addictive mix of humor, adventure, and science-fiction that will delight and inspire young readers (not to mention impart invaluable plumbing tips). If you like Scary School, Shark Wars, and Star Wars, Handy Andy will undoubtedly blast you to a new galaxy of fun! ~ Derek Taylor Kent, author of the Scary School middle grade series

Altbacker delivers!
If you enjoy Handy Andy Saves the World check out the Shark Wars Series. Available at Amazon.com and bookstores everywhere.
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PAPERBACK                               KINDLE
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